BSCS Science Learning: Professional Development Provider Institutes

June 20–23, 2023 – Lexington, KY

The Professional Development Provider Institute (PDPI) program is designed for those who design, develop, and lead teacher professional learning. The models we use in the program design are particularly relevant for those who focus on curriculum-based professional learning but are applicable in a variety of contexts (e.g., focus on teaching practices). The program unfolds over a series of 4, 4-day institutes.

In the first institute, we build community as we use an immersion experience to ground us in powerful designs for professional learning. We highlight the use of two professional learning strategies: immersion experiences and analysis of practice using video cases. These professional learning strategies support teachers in developing a shared vision of effective science teaching and learning as well as helps them take on classroom practices consistent with next generation science. These learning experiences, designed for leaders, are book-ended with important lessons about leading change. The “content” of subsequent institutes builds on these ideas—increasing depth and breadth of our learning together. The registration fee for each institute is $1600 per person or $1500 per person for teams of two or more. The registration fee covers institute materials and lunch each day.

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