Resources for EBIPĀ 4: Discussion

The resources for the fourth Evidence-Based Instructional Practice (EBIP) are now available on the EBIP webpage, in addition to an EBIP General Introduction document

Research consistently indicates the importance of students having access to quality, standards-aligned grade-level instruction. All of the work to create a written guaranteed and viable curriculum, to break down the standards and create aligned assessments is necessary, but the quality of the day-to-day classroom instruction students receive has a significant impact on their overall achievement. As teachers implement their local standards-aligned curriculum, it is important that they strategically and intentionally use evidence-based instructional practices that support students in reaching the intended learning outcomes. 

A critical first step is to ensure that students have equitable opportunities to discuss the content they are learning and deepen their current understandings. This often involves intentional planning and explicit teaching of classroom discussion skills. Using discussion strategies and protocols designed to provide opportunities for all students to feel safe and have a voice in responding, ensures students develop a heightened sense of classroom community and are able to move toward deeper understandings of their intended learning outcomes. 

To support teachers in this work, the fourth EBIP in the 2021-2022 Teaching and Learning Professional Learning Series focuses on Discussion and includes the following: 

  • An overview video;
  • A narrative introduction that synthesizes the current research on classroom discussion;
  • Facilitation considerations for structuring the professional learning; and
  • Content-specific resources to support implementation.

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