Regional Teacher Partners

Regional Teacher Partners (RTP) are the workforce of the Partnership Institute for Math and Science Education Reform, planning and delivering all of PIMSER’s professional learning programs.  The RTPs are highly-skilled current and retired Kentucky teachers who have a passion for learning and helping teachers change their practice.  Most of the RTPs are Master Teachers who were trained through the work of the Appalachian Rural Systems Initiative (ARSI) and the Appalachian Mathematics and Science Partnership (AMSP), and have contributed to innovative, research-based educational practices at the national level.

PIMSER continues to invest in these Master Teachers by providing them with the latest resources, research, and materials so they stay on the cutting edge of education. Our RTPs are available to provide support services throughout the Commonwealth, including customized professional learning based on the needs of your school or district. Read more about their expertise by clicking the links on the left.  Contact if you are interested in bringing an RTP to your school.

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