Three-Dimensional Task Modification Science Resource Now Available

A new resource is available to support educators in task development. The “Three-Dimensional Task Modification” resource is an addendum to Session A of the “Three-Dimensional Task” professional learning module. This resource contains six examples of how the learning from Session A can be used to modify existing science tasks.  This resource can be found onContinue reading “Three-Dimensional Task Modification Science Resource Now Available”

CERs Step-by-Step

Rebecca Newburn, a science teacher from California, shares a step-by-step guide to writing CERs in her weekly slideshow and accompanying checklists. “The first CER, about ocean currents, has a scaffolded claim so if you want to see a CER explained from the beginning go to the second CER, slide 29, CER Ocean Density and Salinity.”Continue reading “CERs Step-by-Step”