Roadmap to Implementing High Quality Mathematics Instruction: A Workshop for K-12 Educators

The Roadmap to Implementing High Quality Mathematics Instruction workshop seeks to guide instructional planning by taking educators on a journey designed to: 

  • Ground instruction in the Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) for Mathematics, thus reaffirming a commitment to equitable learning opportunities for all students in Kentucky;
  • Support intentional integration of evidence-based instructional practices; and
  • Expand educator familiarity with strategies to interweave the development of social emotional competencies with the development of mathematics content. 

This workshop offers an opportunity for educators to engage with one another as learners and practitioners, considering how to cultivate vibrant student learning experiences that incorporate evidence-based instructional practices while valuing educator expertise and autonomy. 

The workshop will consist of a series of 2-hour synchronous virtual sessions across the 2022-2023 school year. Specific dates and times will be finalized once applicants have been selected. 

Fall Sessions

  • Session 1: Week of Sept. 26-29
  • Session 2: Week of Oct. 17-20
  • Session 3: Week of Nov. 14-17

Spring Sessions

  • Session 4: Week of Jan. 30-Feb. 2
  • Session 5: Week of Feb. 27-March 2
  • Session 6: Week of April 17-20

There are a limited number of spots available for this workshop. Educators interested in this opportunity should complete the Roadmap to High Quality Mathematics Instruction: A Workshop for K-12 Educators Application no later than Friday, Aug. 19. Selected participants will be notified no later than Aug. 26

Selected educators will receive a $1,500 stipend for their participation in the workshop, which includes the completion and submission of high-quality deliverables, including sample artifacts exemplifying what high quality mathematics instruction aligned to the KAS for Mathematics looks like in practice.

Please submit any questions to

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