Science Take-Out seeks 5th grade teachers to pilot test their Properties of Materials kit

Kit Summary:  Students use disposable cups to explore the properties of materials.

  • I can make observations of the properties of each cup.
  • I can measure the property of conductivity of heat energy.
  • I can use the properties of each cup to make decisions based on criteria.

Core Concept:  Measurements and observations of the properties of materials can be used to identify materials.  Properties of materials can be used as criteria to make decisions.

Pilot test teachers will be asked to:

  • Use the Properties of Materials  kits with their students
  • Provide written feedback with suggestions for improving the kit activities, the student instructions, and the teacher guide
  • Complete a brief survey

Teachers who pilot test the kits will receive:

  • Free kits to pilot test with their students
  • A $75 stipend for returning their feedback and the survey by April 1

Here is the pilot testing application:

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