Professional Learning Opportunities

With generous support from the Kentucky Department of Education, there is no cost to attend.
Starts in March 2023. See registration for schedules.

For K-12 Science Administrators and Leaders
Make an impact on student learning by preparing your science program for the release of the revised KAS for Science this spring.

  • Learn what you can do to support classroom teachers and all students in experiencing effective science instruction.
  • Explore necessary elements of a local plan to move the school and/or district science program forward.
  • Identify the attributes of effective curriculum materials.

Target Audience
– Principals/assistant principals (required)
– Instructional supervisors
– Coaches
– Others in instructional leadership roles that
support highly effective science teaching and

For K-12 Administrators
Learn what you can do to put essential elements in place for support of students’ development of the critical thinking skills required to be proficient and successful in science.

  • Discuss revised standards and what to anticipate for 2022-2023.
  • See what instruction should look like when it aligns with the standards.
  • Learn how to provide effective feedback that moves classroom instruction forward as part of science classroom observations or walk throughs.
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