Professional Learning Opportunities

For grades 3-12 science teachers and coaches
Develop a vision of what effective science teaching and learning looks and feels like in elementary and secondary classrooms. 

During this 2-day session you will:

  • examine instructional shifts that are necessary to meet student needs.
  • experience strategies to create a classroom culture where every student feels seen and valued.
  • explore curriculum that engages students in making sense of science.
  • engage in an immersive 3-D learning experience that can be used in your classroom.

For K-5 math teachers and coaches
Learn how it’s possible to be “flexible” when thinking about mathematics, and what number sense is and why it’s foundational for all other math.

You will leave the session with:

  • teacher and student strategies to deepen students’ number sense
  • practice and receive routines, structures, strategies, and activities that will build and extend students’ critical mathematical thinking skills related to the Kentucky Academic Standards for Math
  • ideas on how to structure the first weeks of math instruction to support students’ number sense

For Grades 2-12 science teachers and coaches
Learn how to use the four critical aspects of sensemaking to develop or evaluate and revise existing assessment tasks using research-based assessment tools. 

You will leave this two-day session with a draft 3D classroom assessment and the knowledge of how to:

  • use the four critical aspects of sensemaking to develop or evaluate and revise existing classroom assessment tasks.
  • design questions that elicit student responses for targeted elements of the KAS for science three dimensions and create opportunities for students to communicate what they know.
  • use a standard aligned, scenario-driven, multi-dimensional classroom assessment task with your students.

More summer opportunities will be posted soon!

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