Science Implementation Modules

Use these learning modules to assist you with planning and supporting effective science instruction. You can use them in your PLCs or when working with groups of teachers.

Developed with support from the Kentucky Department of Education.

Explore how to plan for authentic vocabulary development within a phenomenon driven lesson sequence and increase the vocabulary development tools and strategies in your “teacher toolkit.” Learn how and when to strategically use a variety of high impact ideas to get your students talking and writing with appropriate scientific terms.

Engage in use of strategies to support explanation of what sensemaking is and why it is critical to student learning. Gain a deeper understanding of sensemaking in science and learn ways to begin to incorporate strategies to provide opportunities for all students to engage in sensemaking.

Build your understanding of why effective talk is so important in learning science. Explore tools to engage students in academically productive talk.  Examine strategies for creating a classroom culture that promotes student talk.

Learn how to help students develop skills engage like scientists as they investigate and build models and theories about the natural world, and think like engineers use as they design and build models and systems.

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