KDE Funding for Science Program Support

The KDE is sponsoring multiple projects during the 2021-22 academic year to support science teachers and leaders implementing the KAS-Science throughout the state.

Developing Leadership Support for Science Program Improvement

PIMSER Regional Teacher Partner and Presidential Award Winner Patti Works and PIMSER director Dr. Kim Zeidler-Watters led a 6-session virtual professional learning series for over 120 school and district administrators and science lead teachers throughout the state during the 2021-22 academic year. Leaders explored what constitutes effective 3D learning and how to support their teachers in making the necessary shifts, and learned how to provide feedback to teachers that moves classroom instruction forward. Participants received updates on the progress of the KAS for Science review from KDE Science Consultant Rae McEntyre.

The LSSPI series has really helped to develop my capacity to support science instruction and also helped me engage in meaningful conversations with some of our science teachers!! In fact, I wanted to share with you some writing samples that a 4th grade teacher, who is really embracing the SEPs in her classroom, shared with me. It is so impressive and exciting to think about what these scientists will be able to produce by the end of the school year!

District Science Coach, Madison County Schools

Science Instructional Support Videos

PIMSER is developing a series of instructional videos to support teachers and leaders in implementing the KAS for Science. The videos will be posted on both the PIMSER and KDE website.

  • Talk
  • Figuring out and sensemaking for the KAS-Science
  • Science and Engineering Practices
  • Classroom assessment
  • Flip a lesson
  • Role of vocabulary in the classroom

Regional Co-operative Planning

PIMSER leadership will meet regularly with regional co-op leadership to plan for future training implementation.

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