Cereal City Science 4th/5th Grade Teacher Pilot

PIMSER is partnering with Cereal City Science to pilot a unit of study in 4th and 5th grade classrooms for continued implementation and scale up in other Kentucky elementary schools.

Teachers from PIMSER’s current partnership with the BSCS STeLLA training program are participating in a new pilot program with Cereal City Science (CCS). During the pilot phase February -May 2023, teachers will receive all materials to teach a 4th grade life science unit, Structure, Function, and Information Processing, and a 5th grade earth science unit, Earth and Space Systems, that will complement teachers’ existing curriculum. The goal is to expose teachers to comprehensive science units to establish a comprehensive understanding of the standards. CCS staff and teachers will use the pilot data and professional development experience to inform implementation of CCS units in other school districts in Kentucky.

Current participants in this project are:

  • Kyle Norris, Boone County Schools (4th grade)
  • Amanda Prewitt, Madison County Schools (4th grade)
  • Becky Reister, Madison County Schools (4th grade)
  • Barbara Stegman, Boone County Schools (4th grade)
  • Missy Weatherly, Boone County Schools (5th grade)
  • Beth Terry, Letcher County Schools (5th grade)
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