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Here’s what people are saying about the professional learning services provided by PIMSER.

I just wanted to message you to say Thank you! I attended the Patient Problem Solving PD virtual sessions this past summer and it changed my teaching life. My students always struggled with word problems and persevering through them, especially 2 step ones. I have put into practice this year what was taught through your sessions this past summer and my students have scored better than ever on the iReady Diagnostic because of this. Many of my lower ability students have raised their scores by 2-3 years and it’s because they can actually work through problems and get to the accurate answer. Thank you so much! You are making such a huge difference in student’s lives across Kentucky.

Melissa Prichard, 3rd grade teacher at Pulaski Elementary

Our district chose to continue our work with PIMSER by joining the Academy for Effective Mathematics Teaching cohort and what a difference it made. With four of us attending the benefit to our department was tremendous. We learned so much by networking with other districts and teachers across the state. The activities that we created and shared made an immediate impact on our classrooms. Being given that productive time for the four of us to not only plan and improve our instruction, but be taught how to focus that planning for maximum impact, has truly changed my teaching and, as a result, the experience of every student that passes through my classroom. On a larger scale, our administration was pleased that our Algebra 2 EOC scores saw a 6.1% increase this year in Distinguished/Proficient scores and our ACT composite scores improved from an 18.5 to a 19.2. We still have work to do, but we have improved so much from where we began.

Maggie Doyle, math teacher at Clark County High School

Through their outreach programs and offerings for teachers who take these experiences back to enhance their student learning experiences, PIMSER has undoubtedly positively impacted thousands of young Kentuckians’ learning and understanding of mathematics and science and engineering concepts

Sara M. Poeppelman, chair of the Lewis County High School Science Department

Keeping up with the fast pace of ever‐changing standards and research‐based practices can be very difficult for classroom teachers and school administrators.  PIMSER has supported an instructional vision committed to the use formative instruction, the development of a growth mindset, and the rigorous and accurate implementation of standards. Because of the opportunity for me to learn through various programs, I am better prepared to coach teachers and building leaders. I know essential elements to incorporate into learning walks and I can better focus on the content needed in our district’s professional learning programs.

Cherry Boyles, Instructional Supervisor for Washington County Schools

Ratios is definitely the part of my content that makes me a little nervous, so I have really appreciated the support you have given to the participants in this area. I have pushed myself and my students to dig deeper into the content through my involvement in the TMI project. Without the meetings we’ve had in this project and the coaching sessions I’ve had with Jamie-Marie Miller (RTP), there is no way that my students would have learned as much as they have this year regarding ratios.

Erin Brummett, math teacher at Lincoln County Schools

In 2005, during my 13th year of teaching, I participated in the Science Leadership Support Network (SLSN) conducted by the Partnership Institute for Math and Science Education Reform (PIMSER). Before becoming involved with SLSN, I had been a part of several other initiatives at Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky, all of which helped to improve my practice. However, it was my experience with SLSN and my subsequent work with PIMSER that contributed to a dramatic shift in my practice and later in my curriculum leadership approach with others.” Read the rest of her story here

Becky Smith, Assistant Principal, Rockcastle County Schools

PIMSER is my educational leadership ‘Think Tank.’  It is the place where I can go to see and experience the current research put into practice. The research-based initiatives shared by experienced, well qualified staff at the institute are phenomenal!

Tim Schneider, retired Secondary Teaching and Learning Lead Teacher, Campbell County Schools
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