Science Leadership Support Network 2023-24: for new and returning teachers!

Are you ready to effectively implement the revised KAS for Science using high-quality instructional resources? Grow real aspiring science programs by attending this robust learning series. This professional learning series has been approved for use of Deeper Learning funds for participation

For returning participants who attended in 2022-23, new content and strategies will be shared as we develop everyone’s ability to support effective science teaching and students’ conceptual learning. This year’s focus is on how students learn science in the classroom and how to support effective teaching and science learning P-20


  • Successfully implement the revised KAS-Science: dive into the standards and learn the most effective ways to connect them to student learning.
  • Bridge the research to practice gap: bring the latest and best science information from the state and other national experts/resources back to your classroom to help students be successful in Science
  • Participant-driven sessions: YOU have direct input into the focus of each meeting by providing feedback on your real-time science education needs

Visit for complete information and registration.

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